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IT Support Services

We appreciate how essential reliable IT and IT Support is to our customers – having systems working 24/7 is key to many.

Having the expertise, flexibility and infrastructure to support SME customers that are all too often thinly stretched is where Switchnet can help. Let us take the stress away and ensure your IT is working whilst you get on with what you're best at - running your business.


We can provide professionally trained IT Service engineers to be onsite on a scheduled or one-off basis to help support businesses that do not have permanent, onsite technical support or just to work alongside your existing IT support team to help provide extra support for their existing IT function.

We call this service “Rent-a-Techi”.

As well as helping maintain your network they will advise on strategic plans for IT development in your business.

Our engineers can carry out on the job training, if working beside your technicians, enabling a more efficient and effective support team.

Backed by support from our partners, this service can be completely tailored to meet the needs of your business. Flexibility is key, this service is planned and agreed with you and your managers, to ensure it meets not only your current needs, but those you will have in the future.

Technical Support

We are an established provider of professional IT support, and offer: ad-hoc, formal computer support agreements, and complete technology outsourcing. Targeted at SMEs, we know that cost effectiveness, dependability, and professionalism need to go hand in hand.

Pro-Active Support

Pro-active IT support from Switchnet Services is unlimited, ensuring that you experience the absolute minimum downtime possible and allowing you to stop worrying about your systems, and keep doing what you do best.

Ad-Hoc Support

Ad-hoc IT support from Switchnet Services is dependable, efficient and cost-effective. We respond to hundreds of computing and network issues each year, and have built up a reputation for affordable reliability.

Our experienced IT engineers can provide support on an unlimited pro-active basis or through ad-hoc call outs. We are flexible in our approach to IT support, and will always advise you of the system which will be most cost-effective for you – we believe in growing with our clients and offering the service which is best suited to them.

Cloud Services

There can be little doubt that Cloud Services are here to stay. In just a few years “Cloud Computing” has evolved from buzzword, to concept, to a range of deliverable technologies that provide tangible and practical business benefits when deployed in the correct manner.

Our cutting-edge platform provides customers of any size, the benefits of Enterprise Class Infrastructure technology, including business flexibility, productivity, security & business continuity – without the need for significant up-front expenditure.

Our cloud services include:

Switchnet - IT Support: Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 licensing

Available in Business and Enterprise versions.

The simple, cost effective way to equip your business with a powerful range of tools to enable communication and collaboration.

Available as monthly or annual subscriptions, these offerings ensure you are always up to date, receiving the latest updates to the Office products (desktop and web versions), 50GB+ enterprise class email with calendaring, shared mailboxes, 1TB of OneDrive storage per user, Skype for Business, Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Teams and more...

Switchnet IT Support - Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365

The ultimate package for your business, combining Windows, Microsoft Intune and Office 365.

A Microsoft 365 license gives you Windows 10 Pro, all the features of Office 365 plus Data Protection tools to help you secure data on personal and company-owned devices, Cyberthreat protection - guarding against unsafe attachments, suspicious links and other malware and the ability to manage new PCs and devices faster and more easily through new Administration and Deployment tools.

Hosted Exchange Mailboxes

Hosted Exchange business Email solutions make it possible for you to work anywhere, at anytime. Access your Emails, contacts, schedules and more through your desktop, web browser, iPhone and Windows mobile, all completely synchronised in real time.

Hosted Exchange removes the cost, administration and resource commitments associated with setting up and managing your own Email server. Leave us to look after the hardware and software, freeing you to run your business.

Each Hosted Exchange Mailbox comes with a standard storage capacity of 50GB.

Standard Mailboxes

For those who just need a basic mailbox and what to keep things simple, we offer a standard mailbox from as little as 49p per user per month!

Our mailboxes can be scaled from an individual user up to hundreds of users - each standard mailbox has 1GB storage and can be upgraded in increments up to 10GB*.

*additional charges apply.

Web Hosting

We offer a comprehensive range of web hosting options, from Shared Windows and Linux platforms, to dedicated Virtual servers bespoke to your individual website needs.

Domain names and DNS

We offer a full range of domain name registration and DNS management services.

Secure Cloud Backup

Does your backup follow the 3-2-1 strategy? 3 copies of your data, 2 of which are local but on different storage mediums and 1 of which is offsite.

When did you last test one of your backups to ensure you are prepared if a disaster were to strike?

With the increasing amount of data being created and stored and the prospect of suffering regular backup failures due to inefficient and unmonitored traditional backups, many businesses struggle to keep on top of their backups. It is thought that as many as 60% of small businesses do not have a backup solution in place!

The Switchnet cloud backup and recovery solution can compliment your existing backup technology to provide a secure, offsite copy of your data. Based on industry-leading software and hardware technology it has a comprehensive set of features, to ensure data protection and proven recovery capabilities. Your data is encrypted at all stages of the backup lifecycle, at rest and when in transport. This can be further extended with Disaster Recovery options giving you the complete package to cover you for any eventuality.

It has been specifically designed to meet modern-day business requirements, overcoming problems with traditional backup methods whilst providing a secure, reliable backup solution to protect your data.

Cloud backup is an efficient, cost-effective, and transformational solution that makes it easy for organisations of all sizes to optimise, economise, and modernise their backup processes without any fear of data loss.

Disaster Recovery

When things go wrong it is the way you respond and how quickly, that will set your business apart. However, spending cash reserves on something that will only be used sparingly, if at all, is painful for anyone.

At Switchnet Services we have extensive experience in consulting with customers on their Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity requirements and building a bespoke solution for their needs. To name a few, we implement the following solutions:

Hot Spare Equipment – we stock a variety of equipment especially for our disaster recovery customers. If you have a hardware failure from a desktop/laptop to your core server, we have equipment we can put in place to get you back online.

Veeam Backup and Replication – the industry leading software solution for the replication of virtual machines on a VMware or Hyper-V platform, over a network to standby virtual infrastructure.

Microsoft Native Solutions – many Microsoft applications now have extensive high availability features built in that can be leverged in order to ensure continuity of the applications. The two best examples are Microsoft Exchange with the Database Availability Group, enabling multiple Exchange servers to replicate to each other and failover in realtime. Secondly, Microsoft SQL 2016 provides some great options such as mirroring and transaction log shipping to ensure no data or service loss in the event of a disaster or technical failure.

Disaster Recovery can be a very complex area and you can have the confidence that you are in the right hands with Switchnet, receiving first class advice and guidance.

GDPR and Compliance

New data privacy regulations and the impact on your business.

With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into force it is more important than ever to look at how technology can help customer to achieve GDPR compliance.

GDPR is intended to strengthen and unify data protection for all individuals within the European Union. It is the most important change in data privacy regulation in 20 years. The regulations will apply to all organisations that hold personally identifiable information (PII), no matter how small or large the business is.

There is a vast amount of material freely available about GDPR, but it can be a case of information overload. To help you as you take your first steps towards GDPR compliance Switchnet Services are providing one-to-one sessions.

Network and Wireless Solutions

Your network is essential to your operations. To operate productively and profitably the right infrastructure must be in place. This makes network design/install decisions one of the most important decisions IT departments are faced with.

To take advantage of new technologies and processes of working that help improve business profitability you need a network capable of supporting your operational and technical ambitions. At Switchnet Services, we offer an approach that helps you optimise operations across physical and virtualised data centre environments, campuses and enterprise networks.

With networks being complex, it’s only natural that processes and technologies are always evolving. Understanding and implementing the right updates places additional IT demands on your resources. We offer vendor-neutral, impartial advice to help you adopt, and implement the right solutions for your business.

PCs, Laptops, Servers and Tablets

If you are considering installing a new server, or replacing one or more existing servers – talk to us about your project.

We have 14 years’ experience of helping companies just like yours to choose the right server hardware and components and the right operating systems and software. From small offices to companies with hundreds of computer users.

We can help supply, support and manage your PCs, laptops and all of your other IT equipment. Whatever you wish to purchase, it’s likely that we can get you a better price and we can also give you the right advice about which equipment is best suited to your needs.

Most items are available on a next-day basis and we can either send them direct to you, or provide an IT engineer to perform an installation at a time to suit you if required. From routers to printers and wireless access points to firewalls, let us use our experience to make sure you get the most out of your IT budget.

Server Virtualisation

Switchnet Services can help save you money by virtualising your existing IT infrastructure, by converting from physical servers to virtual servers you will see an increase in efficiency, flexibility and you’ll be sure your resources are being correctly utilised.

By consolidating your existing hardware, you will see a reduction in your ICT running costs by reducing the amount of hardware required to upgrade, not only this but you will see a saving in your energy costs and reduce your overall carbon footprint.

We can manage the solution from start to finish, if you wish to enquire more about server virtualisation, please get in touch.