Disaster Recovery

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It’s only a disaster if you haven’t got a plan…

When things go wrong it is the way you respond and how quickly, that will set your business apart. However, spending cash reserves on something that will only be used sparingly, if at all, is painful for anyone.

At Switchnet Services we have extensive experience in consulting with customers on their Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity requirements and building a bespoke solution for their needs. To name a few, we implement the following solutions:

Hot Spare Equipment – we stock a variety of equipment especially for our disaster recovery customers. If you have a hardware failure from a desktop/laptop to your core server, we have equipment we can put in place to get you back online.

Veeam Backup and Replication – the industry leading software solution for the replication of virtual machines on a VMware or Hyper-V platform, over a network to standby virtual infrastructure.

Microsoft Native Solutions – many Microsoft applications now have extensive high availability features built in that can be leverged in order to ensure continuity of the applications. The two best examples are Microsoft Exchange with the Database Availability Group, enabling multiple Exchange servers to replicate to each other and failover in realtime. Secondly, Microsoft SQL 2008 provides some great options such as mirroring and transaction log shipping to ensure no data or service loss in the event of a disaster or technical failure.

Disaster Recovery can be a very complex area and you can have the confidence that you are in the right hands with Switchnet, receiving first class advice and guidance.